30th ANNIVERSARY Seiko Matsuda Concert Tour 2010 My Prelude

The DVD for the live performances from Seiko's 30th anniversary concert at Yokohama Arena on 2010/7/24 will be released on 2010/11/17.

Region: 2

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Limited Edition - includes a photobook and sleeve package
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Seiko's official cover album "MemorieS ~ Songs for the Season of White ~" will be released on 2010/12/15.

The songs were selected by Chiaki, who claims to be the biggest Seiko fan in the showbiz.

  title artists
1 Mafuyu no Koibitotachi Lumiere
2 Hitomi wa Diamond note native & Chiaki
3 Manhattan de Breakfast DATASPEAKER & yulica
5 Ame no Coney Island KOJI 2000 NAKAZAWA & AZ catalpa (A.S.P)
7 Heart no Earring small happiness & Frenesi
8 Shiroi Koibito cargo & arlie Ray
9 Pearl-White Eve Jamoxim & Akiko Jōryō (SLY TRIBES)
10 Jikan Ryokō YASUTO & Jun

Grammy Award winner David Foster had the first Japanese concert in sixteen years. About 10,000 people went to the Tokyo International Forum on 2010/10/19 and 10/20.

The style of the event was such that Foster would play piano for various vocalists, including Peter Cetera, Natalie Cole, and surprise guest singers. The 10/19 show had MISIA as the guest, and Seiko sang on 10/20.

In 1983, “Sweet Memories”, which was originally the B side of “Garasu no Ringo”, gained a huge popularity through a television ad for Suntory can beer, which featured an anime clip with the famous penguin characters. Because of that both songs officially became the A side. It is one of Seiko’s most popular songs to this day.

On October 23rd, Suntory will release a new version of the ad for the coffee “BOSS” with Seiko herself and the penguins.

Original ad from 1983:

New version from 2010:


2010/12/31 (Fri) 10:30pm
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
Prices: 9,000yen & 21,000yen
For tickets: SOGO TOKYO 03-3405-9999