Seiko Matsuda Count Down Live Party 2010~2011 DVD will be released on 2011/3/30 (Wed) from Universal Music.

Limited Edition:

Regular Edition:

Seiko’s cover of a famous song by Akiko Kosaka, who plays piano in this footage from “Yoru no Hit Studio” on 1984/10/8.

A DVD boxset of American TV drama series “Bones: Season 5” will be released in Japan on 2011/4/2. The season’s 15th episode, which was originally aired in April last year, had Seiko as “Riku Iwanaga”, a Japanese journalist.

Seiko will be featured in Softbank’s new television commercial which will be aired starting on 2011/1/29.
This will be a part of the “Shirato Family” series in which a dog plays a role of a father in a human family.
Seiko plays a hostess at an izakaya-type restaurant/bar. She can be also seen in a high school uniform for a second or two.