Fujifilm’s “ASTALIFT”, for which Seiko is the image character, will release a new TV ad on 2011/09/01.

This new version, “Shôgeki no Deai” (A Shocking Encounter), will feature Seiko and Kyôko Koizumi, who was one of the top idols in the 1980s and 1990s.

This is the first time Seiko and Kyôko saw each other for almost 20 years, let alone being on a same TV ad. The clip can be viewed here.


Seiko will be starring in the NHK Taiga Drama, “Taira no Kiyomori“.

Matsuda will play the role of Lady Gion (Gion no Nyougo), an expert in song and dance entertainment, who watches over Kiyomori in his early childhood days. Afterwards, she changes her name and appears as the singing teacher who consults Kiyomori and Emperor Shirakawa.

“I want to do my best to play the wonderful role of Lady Gion,” commented Seiko. Meanwhile, producer Tomoaki Iso stated, “Arguing the influential characters on equal terms, the role is essential, as she is a mother-figure for Kiyomori. Matsuda-san is perfect, because she doesn’t lose her radiance.”

“Taira no Kiyomori” starts in January 2011.

Official Drama Site (in Japanese)


“MemorieS ~ Bitter Sweet Pineapple ~”, the third of the Chiaki-produced official cover album series, will be released on 2011/8/24.

It will feature 10 female artists/groups with Tomoyuki Tajiri (of “note native”), cargo, and DATASPEAKER as the sound producer. The selections are releated to the summer.

  title artists
1 Miami 5:00am Chiaki
2 Lemonade no Natsu Konomi Fujimura
3 Madras Check no Koibito momo
4 Nagisa no Balcony marina
5 Vacancy MARiA
6 Tengoku no Kiss Haruka Suwa
7 MAUI Aimi
8 Aoi Sangoshō Mayu Kudō
9 Natsu no Tobira Reina Miyazaki, Rika Mayama, Mirei Hoshina, & Hinata Kashiwagi
10 Sleeping Beauty Hamar

Seiko will be one of the guest performers for a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, featuring Quincy Jones.

Quincy Jones featuring the Global Gumbo All-Stars and Friends
2011/09/07 (Wed) 8:00pm
Hollywood Bowl
2301 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA

The Brothers Johnson
Patti Austin
Richard Bona
Paulinho Da Costa
Nathan East
Seiko Matsuda
Alfredo Rodriguez
Nikki Yanofsky
The Quincy Jones Big Band
Gloria Estefan (special guest)

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Seiko, who celebrated her 30th anniversary as a singer last year, kicked off her summer concert tour “Cherish” on 2011/6/12 at Saitama Super Arena.

This tour mainly consists of the songs from the album “Cherish”, released on 6/1. The opening day had Sayaka Kanda joining her mother.

The tour will have 11 shows at 7 locations until 2011/8/7 at Marine Messe Fukuoka.