Seiko and Nobuyuki Tsujii, a blind pianist, are featured on a new Suntory commercial for “Boss Silky” coffee. It will be aired starting on 5/15, release date for the product.

Click here to view the new ad!


A new single “Tokubetsu na Koibito” (A Special Lover), written and produced by Mariya Takeuchi, will be released on 2011/11/23.

Though Seiko and Mariya have been in the music industry for a long time, the first encounter between the two legends did not take place until July last year. Seiko requested Mariya to write a song for her 30th anniversary.

Seiko’s 76th single is the first song written by another female artist since “Shanghai Love Song” for which Akiko Yano provided the lyrics in 2000.

Seiko is on the cover of “Bi Method” Vol.2 by Kadokawa Magazines which was released today (9/28). The “mook” (Janglish for “magazine” + “book”) also features Seiko’s message as well as photos.

She was also on the cover of Vol.1 which was published back in June.


Fujifilm’s “ASTALIFT”, for which Seiko is the image character, will release a new TV ad on 2011/09/01.

This new version, “Shôgeki no Deai” (A Shocking Encounter), will feature Seiko and Kyôko Koizumi, who was one of the top idols in the 1980s and 1990s.

This is the first time Seiko and Kyôko saw each other for almost 20 years, let alone being on a same TV ad. The clip can be viewed here.