"Shiroi Tsuki" (White Moon), one of the tracks from new album "A Girl in the Wonder Land", has been released on iTunes.

Click here to download (link to iTunes Japan).


A new album "A Girl in the Wonder Land" will be on sale on 06/05.

Besides the pre-released single "LuLu!!", the album contains nine other tracks including the songs written by Chara and Toshinobu Kubota.

Seiko will be featured on the 2013/6/1 (Sat) episode of the NHK's "SONGS".

She will be performing "Natsu no Tobira", "Sweet Memories", new single "LuLu!!", and "Shiroi Tsuki".

The program will be aired at 11pm on 2013/6/1 (Sat) and rerun at 1:30am on 2013/6/7 (Fri).



Video clips of comedian Takashi Fujii's first single CD in six years, "She is my new town / I just want to hold you", were released on YouTube. The songs will be on sale on 2013/6/5.

Just like his previous song "Manatsu no Yoru no Yume", released in 2007/8, both of the new songs were written by Seiko. The music videos were produced in collaboration with Sanrio, using the clips from the 1979 movie "Nutcracker".