Seiko, who is celebrating her 35th anniversary as a singer this year, will be on "SONGS", a weekly NHK show, later this month. The program, which will be aired between 11:00pm and 11:30pm on Saturday 2014/5/31, will feature a non-stop medley by Seiko singing twelve of her hit songs.

A new single "I Love You! ~ Anata no Hohoemi ni ~" has been released today.


On March 10th, her 52nd birthday, Seiko's new management office "felicia club" was announced. Seiko, who is in her 35th year in the business, will announce the summer concert tour schedule later this month.

From comedy show "Dorifu no Daibakusho".

Seiko's "mother", played by the legendary comedian Ken Shimura, requested Seiko to sing her new song while he/she makes various attempts to distruct her.


Seiko has left her management company in effective of February 28th. Her official website "" has not been accessible since March 1st.

Her (now former) management company had Seiko herself and her brother and mother listed as board members. 

Other than that, there are only speculations and rumors spreading online.